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Richard D. France said to me, “Think about the grains in a tree trunk – you see the tree rings recording its growth and each ring has its own story to tell. One ring does not tell the whole story because the ring is ever expanding. A bit like you!”

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Wave-moving back and forth

When I think a lot of things like each wave,The smashing water, then restart to the wave,And again smash water, and again restart, so on,But those thoughts I feel like waves around tides, When ye come to me with thine thoughts like,Talk to me, make a connection with me, and then we wave,Together with so… Continue reading →

Only thou know what gifts offer…

I am my own master,And so do ye of thine life, Aye, we are our own masters,But the acknowledge must be knowledge, For without them how do you stand upFor thyself in a heaven way? Only thou know what gifts offer ye of thine goodness. © Ismael Mansoor

Help yourself

How can your soul inspire you if you don’t,Listen? How will you improve your life if, well,Do you keep distracting for all the time? WhoYou think you are to yourself if you think,You know your whole life yet your self-esteem,Are not getting any better? If yourMoods are often not like heaven nor Like the sweet… Continue reading →

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