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Richard D. France said to me, “Think about the grains in a tree trunk – you see the tree rings recording its growth and each ring has its own story to tell. One ring does not tell the whole story because the ring is ever expanding. A bit like you!”

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Lyrically fantasy in my song

Oh, oh, oh, oh, o, o, o, oOoh, oohDanceShe dances her feetYes she dances I liked watching her the dancer,Dance to danceShe’s dancing to danceI did feel her delightShe smiled right straight at meBefore I blinkOh yes, before I blinkShe’s a big starInspiringThat dances inside my bloodShe’s so easygoing! Something I enjoy about herHighly enjoyableIf… Continue reading →

Fear would not be with love…

It is wonderful to lead your people,Out of fear, out of sadness, out of rage,But I don’t think you will get a reward if,You feed your people with your fire-anger,Because at the end you will lose your love,That you would bring a meaningless to them,History has shown us if weFeed fear would not be able… Continue reading →

A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity

The arts of the Visualiser, the son of Fantasy, the prince in Universe.The creativeness of creativenesses imaged the Visualiser; all is creativity.What art has a visualiser of all his visualisation which he sensed his imagination?One question has answered, and another answer has questioned:All questions are full of questioning: a visualiser must know an answer. Inspired… Continue reading →

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