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Richard D. France said to me, “Think about the grains in a tree trunk – you see the tree rings recording its growth and each ring has its own story to tell. One ring does not tell the whole story because the ring is ever expanding. A bit like you!”

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Be better than thou were

Yesterday, ye experienceToday, you level upTomorrow, thee believe © Ismael Mansoor

Stand up…

Stand up, a thought whispers, stand,Thou art not weak’dThe thought whispers, old English?Thou art with the Sky,Yet thine is light, and thee shall beWait, wait, why old English?Thy name be thine light,Ye, a merrier shall rejoice,Did not thee agree with thy lover?Think, wonder, thee must have thoseYe, thy name be thine art. © Ismael Mansoor

Words of Love’s Imagination

Once a time when I wrote this book,I was desperate to love a woman,Or I was longing for her to love me,So I went out too far to imagine,And then words expressed out of me,But this book I wrote was second-language,Yes, second English language. Perhaps you would find those words in this book,Too much love… Continue reading →

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